Poultry Pad

Our signature product, the patented Midlantic Poultry Pad, is used throughout the poultry industry to line hatch trays and to pad chick boxes and carousels, and is known to provide sturdier footing and promote both cleaner birds and cleaner equipment than alternative products. Pad sizes are cut to fit most equipment used in the industry, and can be custom fit if needed. Depending on air-flow needs, the pads can be ordered with backing or without, and can be two or three ply to accommodate customer preference.

LH (Long Haul) Pad

If you ever ship birds long distance, or if your birds are in shipping boxes for extended periods of time, LH pads are for you. The durable honeycomb construction provides excellent footing that will remain intact over long distances, and ensures that your birds arrive clean and dry.

Chick Pad Boxes

Our embossed Chick Pads provide positive footing for birds and increased absorbency, so your birds arrive healthy, clean, and dry.

Chick Pads can be slit to fit Chick Boxes with posts, and can be cut to any size to accommodate the wide variety of boxes used in the industry.

Plastic Chick Boxes can be stacked while in use, nested for easy storage, are easily cleaned and require little maintenance, and are very durable.

Other Poultry Products we offer

In addition to our selection of Poultry Pads, LH Pads, and Chick Pad Boxes we also supply:

  • Plastic Turkey Boxes with optional lock in dividers
  • Plastic Chick Boxes
  • Corrugated Chick Boxes
  • Cage Liners
  • Filters
  • Carousel Pads

Please contact us for more information about our products.