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Midlantic Poultry Products

Midlantic Poultry Products offers an array of products to service the poultry industry, from the hatchery to the grow house and in between. In addition to our signature Poultry Pad, we also offer the LH (Long Haul) Pad, which provides increased footing and cushioning for long haul transportation of larger birds.

Midlantic is also your source for Chick Boxes and Chick Pads. Depending on your needs, Midlantic Poultry Products is able to produce both 16 slot and 8 slot pads in all available sizes. Paperless Chick Boxes are also available in the 8 post, stackable, non-divided design.

After the hatching and transportation of birds to your grow-out houses, Midlantic Poultry Products can offer both Brooder Guard and Feed Line paper for your grow-out needs. Regardless of the length and width, we are able to produce a product to meet your needs.

Other products offered to meet the needs of the Poultry Industry include:

  • Plastic Poult Boxes with optional lock-in dividers
  • Corrugated Chick Boxes
  • Cage Liners
  • Carousel Pads
  • Filters

Midlantic Poultry Products works with a large number of vendors across the country, and that allows us to maintain a high standard of quality while passing savings along to our customers.